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Some Interesting Freshwater Red Algae of Southern India

Some Interesting Freshwater Red Algae of Southern India

The book entitled “Some Interesting Freshwater Red Algae from Southern India” have descriptions of freshwater red algal members collected from southern India. This book contains the description of total thirty-four species of fresh water red algae collected from southern India with images and geographic locations, among these fourteen species were new to science. Kumanoa species such as Kumanoa anandii sp. nov., Kumanoa baluswamii sp. nov., Kumanoa bhupalii sp. nov., Kumanoa cauveriensis sp. nov., Kumanoa lawrencei sp. nov., Kumanoa mantrii sp. nov., Kumanoa narsimhanii sp. nov., Kumanoa rajui sp. nov., Kumanoa ramachandranii sp. nov., Kumanoa sivarajii sp. nov., and Kumanoa vidyavatiae sp. nov., were newly described in this book and the following species also described newly from India such as Sirodotia kodagensis sp. nov., Torularia rengasamyi sp. nov., and Compsopogon avvaiyariae sp. nov. Authors have done two nomenclatural changes also to the members of Batrachospermales. Not only that, this book contains descriptions and images of several ecophenes of Compsopogon caeruleus species, collected from different parts of southern India. This is one of the largest collections of freshwater red algae from India.  Hence this book will be extremely useful to the research community.

Key words: Audouinella; Balliopsis; Batrachospermum; Caloglossa; Compsopogon; Kumanoa; Porphyridium; Rhodophyta; Sirodotia; Torularia

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